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Version 1.4.1, burned to a DVD, freezes at the helix screen.
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Version 1.4.1, burned to a DVD, freezes at the helix screen. 

Hi there.

I've tried to burn ScummVM v1.4.1 to a DVD with some games, but it just froze at the helix loading screen (the one with the rotating 0es and 1s).

At the first try I put all the files provided with the package from the official downloads.php page) and a folder for each game, with their short names (examples: FT, ATLANTIS, SWORD1) into an ISO (created with Nero Burning ROM), but forgot to create a SYSTEM.CNF file, silly me.
At the second one, same as the first but now with the SYSTEM.CNF, and made with UltraISO (with the option to "create a PS2 DVD"), it just froze, tested in two different slim consoles.

This is the SYSTEM.CNF file I've created:

BOOT2 = cdrom0:\SCUMMVM.ELF;1
VER = 1.00

Notice that I'm trying to boot the version without HDD and adapter support.

Then, not wanting to waste anymore discs, I installed PCSX2 to test each new try.

Here goes the things I've already tried while using PCSX2:
To put an SCUMMVM.INI file inside the image;
To make the CNF boot the "SCUMMVM-N.ELF" version instead of the normal one;
To delete the three IRXs needed for remote play;
To put all the game folders under the "games" directory;
To run only the ELFs through the emulator, without making an image, but then the helix rotated infinitely.

No success with any possible solution I thought about, even after searching about it.

Another important fact is that once I had a working ScummVM DVD, but it got scratched and stopped working, but I don't know which version was that. This assures that the consoles aren't the problem here.

I've got the Windows, the PSP and the Android versions to work correctly (altough having some minor problems with PSP version's sound).

And I would like to thank you guys for your work in this wonderful program and its ports.
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Post Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:03 am 
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