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Improvements for High-Resolution Android devices
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Improvements for High-Resolution Android devices 


Android isn't only a system for Smartphones or Tablets, there are also masses of Mini-Android-PC's with HDMI output. I'm actually running Android-x86 on my Core i7, this port of Android works very well. It's also possible to include it in an existing Linux version, an easy rooting script is also available.

So if you have a device which uses a huge Full-HD TV you can only select between no filtering and linear filtering in ScummVM, that's only a choice between pixels and blurry. So the filters should be included in the Android version, too.

Another weird issue is that the display switches to an old style, with a non-aliased fixed-width font and 8 buttons on the bottom. It seems that the screen resolution is still 1920x1080, because the pixels of the font and in the dithered background are not blurry, like on a resolution which is not the native resolution of an TFT monitor.

A check for hardware keyboards should be implemented. <SPACE> and <ENTER> are working, also numbers (test it with the Amiga version of Monkey 2). But Escape and F5 are not working as they should. This is for an USB keyboard, PS/2 keyboards arent working in Android-x86, although they are detected in the settings.

By the way: It's very funny to play ScummVM games with one of these Gyro Mouses. There are some available with special Android keys, f.e. the Tooploo T2.


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Post Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:07 am 
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