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Scummvm 0.10 & 0.11 - Clie UX50
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Joined: 26 Feb 2008
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Scummvm 0.10 & 0.11 - Clie UX50 

Hi there!

I guess you guys are not used having a girl around, but I also grown up playing Day of Tentacle... ah! good old days..

Anyways, my Clie UX50 has been my best companion since 2003, and when i first read about scummVM a while ago I was always tempted to try...

Today, my brother helped me to install, and we discovered the following...

0.11 - Doesnt work with the UX50;
0.10 - Works but no sound (rather no music) and no landscape mode;

However, when we upgraded to the 0.11 version, we forgot to update the "mod" engine for the scumm, which made the .11 laucher work fine, but with the "new" engine it just doesnt work!

My question is... And i know it might sound a bit selfish, but... Will scummvm for Palm will ever work perfectly on my UX50?

I would be glad to be able to play DOTT again!

Also, good work, even without the music is great, i can still hear de voices, it is amazing! Smile

THank you!

PS: We tested with Loom (cd), Monekey island and Dott (CD), on the .10 version the voice works for Dott but not the music, also the loom "cd" sound works, but the memory stick access is slow, and it takes a while to play... but it works. With .11, Dott gives me the error (charset 1 not in room 61 at 0+427404 in file tentacle.001), Loom gives the out of memory error and the 2nd time i tried it gave me fatal exception error), Monkey Island crashs with black screen and a hard reset is needed.

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Post Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:21 am 
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